The Problem:

Would you like to know where your devices are located?
Is it interesting for you to know which machines have been on which construction site / cost center for how long?
You cannot carry out a clear inventory because the devices and machines are on different construction sites?
Do you need a simple mobile recording and evaluation of all rental processes for the rental of your construction machines and containers?

The Solution:

The Navkonzept IoT-Network (NavIoTNet)


Navkonzept also offers a comprehensive range of solutions for locating smaller objects:

With NavIoT you now have the opportunity to integrate your devices, machines, items into the Internet of Things. By digitizing them, you have the opportunity to monitor and organize them in the best possible way.

There is something for every type of devices.

We offer you specially optimized tags which can easily be attached to your devices. With our software you always keep an eye on the location of your properties. You can record which employees, customers or service providers have been given which devices, detect theft at an early stage and alert them, thus making it easier for you to take inventory.

It does not matter whether the objects are tools, construction machinery, cleaning equipment or other items.
Your options are diverse.

This is how NavIoTNet works:


NavIoTNeT is a network of many stationary and mobile gateways. A gateway has the task of receiving and forwarding data. The objects are equipped with a NavTag which automatically sends its ID to a gateway, in which the data is supplemented with the current GPS position and forwarded to the web portal.

In the web portal, all recorded devices are displayed on a map, saved with the exact address and time stamp and evaluated in a log book with downtimes.

The solution offers interfaces to all systems!
The special thing about the NavIoTNet is the permanent movement of the network and that it grows and expands with each user (crowd GPS).





Web portal

Manage your devices in our clearly structured web portal and receive informative evaluations.

Map display

All positions of your devices are clearly displayed on a map.

Easy installation

Quick and easy assembly. No additional connections are required.

Temperatures (NavTag 2T)

The NavTag 2T also provides temperature data.


A variety of evaluations are possible. These can be called up daily.



The Navkonzept IoT-Network

What does the use of IoT bring for your company?

How do you benefit from the Internet of Things?

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User Report

Telematics from Navkonzept in use at Bohmann:

Transparency for Bohmann and citizens.

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